Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jesus is Magic

Thomas is so sweet. Tonight he told me that Jesus is magic.

When I asked him how he knows Jesus is magic, he gladly told me "because he disappears."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

His reply touched me. "He comes in my room. I see him in my room. Then, I get out of my bed and see him. When I open my eyes, he disappears."

Yes, Jesus is in our house. He comes here often. It just took my child telling me about it to remind me of what I already know. My home is a haven from the world, and Jesus is always welcome here. Especially in my kids' room.

I hope your kids know that Jesus is magic too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dinner Disasters

We trade Sunday dinner back and forth with my mom. We get a nice dinner each week, and only have to cook and clean up half the time. It is a great system, and we look forward to our dinners. Unfortunately, I have bad luck lately. I know how to cook, and I can pull off a decent mean, thank you very much. I did Thanksgiving and Christmas all by myself (mostly) and they were great. Apparently, I used up all my allotted "good dinner" stars on those meals.

Dinner for Jerry's birthday was, well, a disaster. Besides him being sick, nothing came out right. The biscuits were over cooked, the grits were dry and gritty, the hash brown burned to the bottom of the pan, and I forgot to cook the bacon. Tyler rescued us with scrambled eggs. Jerry was too sick for cake, so that sat out for several days. By the time we got to it, it was dry and not what a red velvet cake should be. Even the frosting messed up, and I decorate cakes for cryin' out loud.

This past week, disaster knocked on the door again. Aunt Susan Jane was coming to join in the fun and I was looking forward to a nice dinner. I planned turkey breast, stuffing, gravy, corn, and brownies for dessert. The turkey didn't thaw, so I called to push dinner back a little while. The stuffing was fine, or so I heard. The gravy was too salty (packaged gravy that came with the turkey, so that one isn't my fault). The corn was fine. The turkey cooked 1/3 of the way, in 2 hours, mind you. Turkey went back in the oven and Tyler saved us with pancakes. Pancakes, stuffing, gravy, and corn. What a Sunday dinner. Oh yeah, and since the turkey went back in the oven, the brownies didn't happen. When we were eating leftovers the other night, part of the turkey STILL wasn't cooked all the way, after 3 hours of cooking.

It seems my kitchen is cursed. Let's cross our fingers that the birthday cake for this weekend turns out right.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Thomas loves to say prayers. He tends to get upset when we tell him it is someone else's turn. In true kid fashion, his prayers can be quite humorous, but they are so sincere. One night Tyler made pasta for dinner. I was just planning on him heating the water, but he cooked the noodles and everything. Unfortunately, due to the mix up, meatballs did not get cooked. For prayers, Thomas said thanks for the twirly pasta, the sauce, "no meatballs because daddy didn't cook them," the lemonade, and various other things. Last week he was thankful that the deer were in our yard and that they ate our grass. He is frequently thankful for daddy to go to work, even on the days he doesn't. There are plenty others that make us smile and shake our heads, but it is too dang cute. He also has started saying bless us for ______ instead of saying he is thankful. Oh well, he has the basics and the Lord knows what he is trying to say. I love how kids can teach us such simple things. Thomas constantly reminds us to be thankful for everything, no matter how small it may seem.

Another cute note. In Primary a few weeks ago the kids drew self portraits. Several of the kids were invited to share theirs with everybody. Thomas was selected and was so proud of his picture. Turns out, he drew a tornado. Yup, my kid thinks he is a tornado. That could really explain a lot of things. One of the other teachers told me how proud he was of his picture and showing it off and how cute it was. Jerry is more the tornado around here, but I think both fully qualify on a regular basis.

Keep posted for a couple tags. I have been tagged on several occasions, but seem to be very slow about returning it. One of these days it will happen, I hope.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Birthdays are supposed to be FUN

Poor little Jerry.

Yesterday was his second birthday. He is no longer a single digit. Unfortunately, he was too sick to really enjoy it. His nap was rudely ended by his throwing up all over his bed. Before too long, he was happily running around. Then it started again, and didn't stop. Anything we got him to drink came back up within 15 minutes. He did have a few minutes of fun with his new toys from Lolly. But then he started feeling bad and wanted to snuggle more. And, of course, up came the pedia. No cake or icecream around our house last night. At least he did fall asleep for a few hours in his bed. But after that, he wouldn't go back into his bed, so into the spare bed in Michael's room we went (there is a plastic cover on the mattress, just in case). We were able to get a little sleep, but I was on edge all night, just waiting for the next round.

The good news is, he is much better today, other than being tired. However, now Tyler has it. Please let the nastiness pass me by. Everyone else, I can deal with, but I don't think they can deal with it if I am the sick one.