Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Plague

Our house was infected by the plague this week. Tyler picked it up at work, and brought it home to share with us. I am glad he learned to share, now I think we need to work on what is appropriate to share.

Tuesday night he came home from work absolutely miserable. I had rehearsal, so I left him with the boys for a couple hours. When I got home, he was wrapped up in 2 blankets on the couch, shivering, saying he was cold, face burning up, ears red, and couldn't stand up to help Thomas over the gate. Next day, he couldn't even manage to get dressed for work, so I called into work for him. Turns out most of his work crew was out as well.

Let the fun begin. Jerry threw up at breakfast, we went to walk-in clinic at the doctor. Thomas needed to go potty. I lugged the poor unmoving baby (Jerry does NOT sit still) to go help Thomas. Party time, Thomas has started with diarrhea. No extra underwear, the office staff finding bags to put the dirty underwear in, and trying to do all of this while holding another sick baby, don't you wish you were me. (Dare, I must say your rotovirus story is horrible too) After a desperate call to me mommy for HELP and pullups, she came to the rescue. Almost an hour and half later, we got to see the doctor. Poor baby Jerry had a temp of 103!!! Good news, the ear infections weren't getting worse. Flu test should take 10 min, his came back in less than 5. Why treat one, when you can treat more. The wonderful doctor drugged up both boys, since Thomas was already showing symptoms.

Now, we are keeping track of meds on the white board because there are too many between 3 people to keep up with in my head. Tyler worked just a few hours Thurs and Fri then had to come home. All are much better now, and I have yet to catch the plague. How on earth people keep up with meds for more kids, I don't know, but I am grateful we are all better.

Quarantine has been lifted, all are on the mend. Now we will start working on those sharing lessons.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The English Language

We were out running errands this evening and stopped to get something to drink. Thomas asked for some and we told him no, that is was for mommy and daddy. He told us he needed something to drink because he was "hungry and drinky." Ah, the joys of the English Language and the creation of adverbs. It's no wonder people have such a hard time learning to speak it.

After we got home we were talking about good choices and how making good choices, in this case cleaning his room when mommy told him to and getting ready for bed, makes mommy and daddy and Heavenly Father and Jesus happy. He informed me that he tomorrow he is going to church and he is going to walk like this (quietly and with his arm folded) to see Heavenly Father. He also said that Heavenly Father is coming to visit us. He is going to drive to see us. In His big truck. In His big garbage truck. I was very proud of Thomas saying that he was going to see Heavenly Father at church and that Heavenly Father is coming to visit us at our house. After that, however, it just got a bit funny and cute. I guess I need to be grateful for the lessons he learned, and smile at his expansion on them.

Gotta love the kids!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Walking and Women

That crazy little boy is walking. He started a couple of weeks ago, and is now all over the place. He walks more than he crawls now. Not only does he walk all over the place, he also climbs on everything in sight. He climbs on top of the block box and reaches everything on top of the video cabinet. He climbs on top of the outside toys box and reaches everything on the counter. He can crawl up the stairs as fast as you can walk up them. He has not only started climbing up on one thing, he now uses is as a step to get to the next milestone, like the chairs at the table (I am sure the table was the next milestone). The little monkey also likes to climb on top of a box and just sit there and smile at you as if to say "look at me, I am so proud of myself."

As far as cuteness goes, we didn't think he could get cuter, but he has. He has learned to wave bye-bye, clap-clap, and blow kisses. Well, the kisses are a work in progress. When we started he would take my hand and hold it up to my mouth. WE have since moved on to him holding his hand up to his mouth.

Since it is a bit cold out here lately, Jerry has been wearing a hat. It is a very cute hat, I must say, with the little ear covers, chin strap, and a big fleece pom-pom on top. Problem is, the hat is a bit big. It starts on top of his head, but works its way down. Before too long all you can see is the bottom of his nose, and his mouth. If you lift it up and look at him, or just start talking to him, all you will see is the bottom of his little nose and a huge grin with 4 full teeth, and 4 more poking through. Very cute.

Little funny on Thomas too, we can't leave him out of this. He was watching "Deal or No Deal" the other night. Those of you who keep up with the blog can imagine where this is going. As the models walked out he said "Oh my gosh! Look at them. They are beautiful." AT least my kid appreciates beautiful women. I love my little boys!