Thursday, August 31, 2006


OK, my cousin asked the question, so I will answer it for all.

Why is my mom called Lolly?

Here goes (someone correct me if I mess this story up, please). When mom and her sister (Susan Jane) were little, SJ couldn't say "Malinda" so she called my mom "Lolly." Mom hated this. When SJ got older and had kids of her own she told them the story and one of her kids adopted calling mom Lolly, just to be irritating. Well, by this time, mom had grown up and it was no longer irritating.

Fast Forward. Rachel is pregnant. Mom says she is too young to be a grandmother and refuses to be called any variation of grandma. I must say, we had quite a bit of fun calling her all sorts of g-ma names (Granny, g-ma, g-mamma, grandmamma, and the list goes on). She said if people her age (at her office, specifically) are having kids, she can't be a grandma. The whole thing turned into a joke as time went on and baby came closer. We asked what we were going to call her, "Mom's mom"?!? Well, that was just a mouth full, so we shortened that to "M's M." Then we decided that this one would get confusing and turn into "M&Ms." Then Tyler, being the goober he is, said that if we were going to do that, why not call her "Skittles." So for a little while she was skittles and we brought her many bags of skittles, just for giggles kicks.

Eventually someone, probably Amanda, suggested Lolly. Mom agreed that it was a good option and it stuck. So now we have Lolly.

She still insists that she is not a grandmother, the kids are her daughter's kids, but she isn't a grandmother (yeah, explain that one). Now, if she won't respond to you, just say "Lolly" and she will turn around as quick as can be. It is also helpful to call her Lolly in large crowds, because there is only one Lolly and lots of Moms, especially at family gatherings.

And now you have..... the rest of the story.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mudcats Game

The beach post is up, you just have to scroll down. If you want more pictures, I can email, and I will continue to try and post the pictures.

Tonight was the Mudcats game and we all had a blast! We had lots of friends show up, along with Lolly and Amanda. Thomas loved the french fries and Lolly's drink. Gabe, Thomas's friend, got a ball and Muddy even sighned it. Rachel's appearances are over for the season, but there is always next year to do it again. It may be small ball, but it's the best there is. Come to a game with us, its a blast!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Working on It

I really am working on getting that beach post up. I am having picture issues and Blog is not quite cooperating, so I get frustrated and quit until next time. I promise, it is coming.

PS, Singing at the Mudcats again on August 22, game at 7:15 (Tuesdays are cheap hotdog day too!!!). Same seats as last time, so far as I know, for those of you interested.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

AHHHHHHH, the Beach

We had a blast at the beach and didn't want to come home. Thomas had more fun than he knew what to do with. I think it took him a week to catch up on his sleep. Poor Jerry had a bit of a rough go at it. Poor kid fell out of bed, fell out of bed again (I swear, I put him where he wouldn't fall off, just ask my Aunt who rescued him), and he rolled over and got stuck between the wall and mattress. In spite of all his bed related injuries, he did survive, and got tons of attention from my cousin. Thomas played in the big water and loved it. Mom had a serious task of getting his head above some of the waves, and as a result recieved a few in the face, but he was great. Thomas only got one good one in the face, but went right back out.

Lolly had fun at the Dollar Store before she came, and stocked up for Thomas. The best goodie of all was a Nemo kite that flew surprisingly well. Thomas ran and played with it for quite some time, and even Jerry got in on the fun. Yes, my child is running around on the beach wearing nothing but a diaper, and I don't care, he's 3 so you shouldn't care either :)

Thomas also managed to sneak into the water another day without swim trunks on. He was wearing denim shorts, so the wetter they got, the heavier they got, and eventually they fell off. I especially liked his beach hair. Not a drop of product in it, I promise.

For added fun, the power went out Friday afternoon as dinner was cooking. Beach humidity, no power, and hungry people, not a good idea. So, how do you entertain a 3 year old when the power is out and you aren't allowed to open the doors to go in the house? You put stickers all over him. Yay Lolly for getting stickers earlier that day. Thomas had stickers on his nose, behind his ears, on legs and arms, on his forehead, and the back of his neck. He was a walking underwater creature sticker exhibit.

All in all, it was yet another fabulous trip to the beach and we can't wait to go back. Hopefully, Daddy will get to go with us next time. Next stop in our travels, Atlanta GA, here we come!