Monday, March 29, 2010


My fabulous husband reminded me how terrible I am with the blog. I will now hang my head in shame. Aaaaaaaand, I'm over it. In my defense, I started a new job/business as a Pampered Chef Consultant (so much fun!), still teach and perform, volunteer at school, have busy church callings, have three crazy hooligans, and do not do mornings. My fabulous husband is still working to keep a roof over our heads, food in our ever hungry mouths, and all that other provide for your family stuff. The hooligans are all still alive and a little older. Thomas is 7, Jerry is 4, and Michael talks! We have a bunch more miles on the mom mobile, as in over 6000 miles in 2 weeks, what an adventure. We are all plugging along and making the best of what we've got. If I'm a good girl I will get more stories and details and disasters up soon. I never really was a good girl though, so don't hold your breath too long.