Thursday, January 11, 2007

Arizona Pictures, well, some of them

Baby Jerry playing inside Aunt Becky's cabinets. Isn't he cute in there peeking around the corner. He could stand up inside there too.

Pillow fights with cousins. We had lots of these while we were visiting.

Sleeping at the table. Thomas was trying to put his sandwich in his mouth while his head was doing the sleeping bob. It was a moment right off of America's Funniest Home Videos.

Dog Pile on Aunt Erin and Uncle James. There were lots of those too.

The best Christmas Gift of the year, a book that means so much, but you thought was lost 15 years ago. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi, my love!

Aunt Erin helping Thomas feed the ducks. Ducks love ABC cookies from Costco.

Dump Truck photos to come, as well as family pics. There are just too many pictures to post everything. That's a good problem, right?

Home Again

As my brother-in-law so kindly pointed out this morning, I have not updated the Blog since coming home from AZ. He asked if the trip was so traumatic I didn't want to post, but the reality is life after being gone almost a month has kept us all a little distracted from the Blog.

We all survived the trip there on the plane and had a fabulous flight crew that helped us get settled with ALL our stuff. Aunt Becky met us at the airport, but got quite the surprise when she discovered we landed 30 min ahead of schedule. First stop, PETE'S!!! Man, can I just tell you that I have waited almost 3 years to have Pete's again. MMMMMMMM, can't beat a monster burger with onion rings and Pete's sauce, and $1.25 for a 44 oz Dr Pepper.

WE had lots of play time with aunts and uncles and cousins in the time we were visiting. What happens when you play with cousins for a week, adn don't take a nap? You fall asleep eating your dinner. Yes, we had one of the classic eating in your sleep at the table moments. Thinking about it just makes me laugh.

Uncle Doug, Aunt Kristen, and the kids surprised everyone and showed up to join the party. WE had all the siblings and families together for the first time in way too long. With everybody here, why not a round of family pictures. Cousin Sterling (Tyelr's cousin) took a TON of incredible pictures. With all the kids and siblings (big kids) we managed to get some really nice photos. The big kids ran off for some fun in the desert, and everybody came home with all fingers attached, huge grins on their faces, and lots of fun stories.

Christmas Eve we had the wonderful opportunity to have everybody together for a baby blessing. Randon, Bryant and Stephanie's new baby was blessed with all of us there. He is such a little cutie and even had on patent leather shoes. We are so glad we were able to be there and a part of their special day.

Christmas was wild with all the kids, then we did round two when all the extended family came over later. Family is what makes Christmas. Aunt Becky gave the boys humongous Tonka dump trucks. We like to put Jerry in them and push him around. He just laughs and laughs and bounces on his little bum. Pictures of that one are coming soon. Tyler got back a book he thought was lost 15 years ago of his USMC Boot Camp class. That was the hilight of Christmas, seeing how much that meant to him. Thanks to his mom for finding it, all I did was wrap it and give it to him.

Tyler managed to sneak away from work for a few days to come out, but after the fun of Christmas morning, I had to take him back to the airport for the trip home. Little did he know, he was in for a serious adventure. He was supposed to land at RDU just before midnight. I was following his flight online througout the wild game of pictionary at Becky's. Next thing I know, he is headed for Norfolk VA, not RDU. Turns out there was no visiblity and the plane was rerouted. Once in Norfolk, after lots of useless information, the passengers were finally told some of them may go home Wednesday, but Thrusday was most likely. GOtta love holiday travel. In the end, another Marine had maged to rent a car from the counter where an employee had just happened to stay late (2am) and was on his way to Jacksonville (2 hours SE of Raleigh) and offered Tyler a ride. Thank goodness for that lovely haircut he can't seem to get rid of. So, about 18 hours after we left him at the Phoenix airport, he managed to get home.

Later in our adventure we took the kids to the zoo. Thomas knew exactly what he wanted to see when we got there. Aunt Becky asked him what he wanted to look at and she got her answer, "I wanna see the Giraffes and the Lions, and the Tigers, and the Elephants, and the Zebras." OK, so maybe we might want to tone down the animal planet a bit. The kids and Uncle James were feeding the ducks after lunch when they discovered the ducks will eat out of your hand. How much fun is that. We got some great memories and pictures of that experience.

After lots of late nights, fun times, laughs, adventures, hugs, smiles, and good quality time, we headed home. The boys were wonderful on the trip home as well. I was so glad I didn't have "that kid" on the plane. I have to say a little thank you to the kid in front of us on the plane. Thanks for being so horrible that you made my kids look like saints.

After we got home, we had the time adjustment again, adn the adjustment back to real life. We did Christmas again with Lolly and family. Thomas got a train table for his Thomas trains, and he can't wait to help Daddy put it together. Jerry got some great soft Little Tikes cars and sights and senses balls that he loves to chase around the living room. The boys also love to put them in the dump trucks and dump them out and watch where they go. I was the real winner this year. I got the mega duty KitchenAid mixer I have been wanting for years. The timing is great too, since I'm not sure how many more cakes and frostings my little hand mixer can handle.

Yup, Christmas was wonderful to us. WE had the most important things, family and time. We are all so blessed to have great families and the opportunity to spend time with them. We miss everybody terribly now that we aren't with them every day, but we are looking forward to seeing you all again. 2008, AZ again. Lots of love and Hugs to all of you, and may everybody have a wonderful new year!

For some odd reason I can't get pictures to cooperate, so you will just have to check back later and match the pictures to the events. Sorry.