Sunday, September 28, 2008

Operatic Family

Another night at the opera. This time Thomas had family there with him. Nope, not the professional opera singer, again. Tyler got to be part of this one. Thomas was one of the town people, and Tyler was a prop moving town person. Also, one of my piano students had the chance to be a town person. I got to watch from the balcony, again. (Huge thanks to Lolly for keeping the little two so I could see the show one night!) I was invited to be in the chorus, but was involved in another opera at the same time and it was too much to do two operas at the same time. Turns out, I should have gone with the Italian opera and turned down the French from the start. Maybe next time...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Michael in Motion

Michael is growing, so here is some fun stuff for proof. When he is hot, tired, or mad, his hair stands up all over. It cracks me up, so I just had to take a picture one day.I think he is sufficiently mad here. One day he will look back and laugh, but for the moment, not so much. I think I will blow up the picture, make a mask out of it, and hold it up to my face when I am having a bad moment. Then I can be cute and mad, all at the same time.

While getting ready for bed, I decided to take the requested video of Michael walking. Jerry, um, helps him. Yes, my kids are running around in diapers. Sometimes it is just diapers, others is diapers and a shirt. It just makes changes so much easier. Besides, if I could run around nekkid in this heat and humidity, you bet I would. Well, if I had a fabulous body and outrageous self confidence. Oh yeah, and no sense of modesty.

Michael also made videos difficult because as soon as I started trying to record, he came running at me, full tilt. At least you get the idea. I love the way babies walk when they are learning. They look like Frankenstein.

So there you have it. Michael is a wild headed, fluffy headed, walking, moving boy. Who just happens to be the cutest little baby around, if I do say so.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Michael Walker

Michael Walker is now officially a walker. He started walking last week, and he adds a few more steps each day. He is so funny when he smiles and makes a baby run for me. Then, he gets a step or two away and falls forward, absolutely sure that you will catch him.

We seem to be somewhat adjusted to our new routine. We drop Thomas off at school, then we hit the gym. The gym is fabulous and I look forward to my time each day. Best part, besides getting to work out and have time alone, is that the childcare is free. Oh yeah, I make full use of my 2 hours. Maybe I will start taking showers there, just so I can have them uninterrupted by hooligans.

Thomas loves school and his teachers think he is great. We also found out that he is quite protective of a little, and I mean little, girl in his class. His teacher says that she is very shy and quiet, but when she is with Thomas, she talks up a storm and they tend to get in trouble for talking too much. He waits for her and she waits for him, and he makes sure she is included in anything they do. Yup, we are just a bit proud of him. I guess this means we did something right in the parenting department. Thomas is also doing more operas. He was so good in Butterfly, that he was called back to do another.

Jerry is a riot. He laughs at just about anything and has lots of fun, at least when he isn't having a temper tantrum. Also, he talks, a lot. He was in speech for a while because he wouldn't talk at all. Now, he is non stop. Every day he has more words that he says. He also seems to be developing the memory like a steel trap like Thomas. He hears something once, even in passing, and will tell you about it later. He is also big on possession. Everything belongs to someone. Fortunately, he has not started the "everything is mine" phase. Jerry also loves to sing. At church, he has to have his own hymn book and he sings along. It is so sweet and so cute, half the time I can't sing because I am laughing at him.

Michael is so dang cute. He smiles and laughs and loves. He also is on whole milk now, so that frees me up quite a bit. Still no sleeping though the night, but we are working on that. He also likes to eat. He was really fussy for a few days, until I figured out that he was still hungry. Hooray, a house of three growing boys. Michael loves music too. When I am teaching, he tends to throw fits, but not because he isn't the center of attention. No, my baby throws fits because he isn't the one playing the piano. He loves to play and will bend over backwards in my arms to be able to play.

A favorite activity in out house is to have both pianos going and lots of us singing. I am thrilled that they all love music so much and that it is such a central part of our home. It is such a blessing that all of us appreciate music. Maybe we will be the next Von Trapp or Osmond family, without so many kids. Then again, maybe not.

We are all growing and changing, for the better. We are happy and there are so many good things in out lives right now. Each day, we share what we are thankful for, and there are new things each day. We love our family and friends and are so grateful for them and all they do for us. We are blessed in so many ways.