Friday, May 11, 2007

Ultrasound Wonders

WE had the wonderfully fun ultrasound appointment May 9. Raise your hand if you predicted girl (majority vote), now raise your hand for boy (Rachel and Tyler and baby Jerry). It took a little while for us to get a real good confirmation, but after some playing around and a fun trip down the 4-D ultrasound road, we got a definite.

Welcome to Testosterone Central. Yes, another boy! Not that the average person can read an ultrasound picture, but in this one I think the legs, boy parts, and cord are pretty clear, you can also see the flailing arms and blurred head. I also just think the 4-D is fun. This kid is already on the move. When we started looking at pictures he was breech, but by the end he was head down. Good to know this kid has room to do all that, for now. I am hanging in there and surviving, doing pretty well, actually. Definitely not looking forward to the hot and humid summer ahead. 18 weeks and 1 day down, 18 weeks and 6 days to go, thank goodness for sumo babies that get scheduled early.

Now we can let the name game begin.... We are thinking Ben, what do you think? We already have Tom and Jerry, why not Ben and Jerry too :)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Save the Date

I just wanted to let everybody know that my date to sing at the Mudcats game is confirmed. I sing Thursday, June 14. The game starts at 7:15, I believe. I found out that there is no specific place where they put the anthem singers this year, just somewhere available in box seating. Those of you interested in coming, let me know and I will have them block out seats for us. If I could know by June 1 that would be fantabulous. You can just call or email and let me know who and how many. Of course, you can always just show up and get your tickets and hope you are near us, or just sneak on over at some point if you aren't. Also, Thursdays are "Thirsty Thursdays" and drinks (fountain Pepsi drinks included) are just $1. We would love to see anybody there, so let us know if you want to come! The games are a blast, and the more the merrier. Just click the title of this post to go directly to the Mudcast site.

See you there!