Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A New Post is in Order

Life around here.... in a word, normal. Here is a quick rundown to get you all up to date on life around the Holmes Home.
  • Thomas is in an opera
  • Michael is trying to crawl
  • Jerry is still into everything
  • Thomas and Jerry painted my house, including the couch and carpet and themselves with cake decorating color gels (black, red, brown, and other dark colors)
  • Thomas digs hole in wall
  • Jerry gets stuck on window sill (and I leave him there with his arm stuck through the blinds as an "I told you so")
  • Thomas was accepted into East Wake Academy, a charter school around here
  • Jerry flooded the kitchen and counters and cabinets
  • Aunt Amanda graduated from Meredith, hooray for another Meredith grad
  • Uncle Bradford graduated from NCSU, we are secretly cheering on the inside
  • Michael has a tooth
  • We all went to Cleveland for cousin Nate's baptism, Uncle Doug's dental school graduation, and Uncle Doug's promotion to Captain in the USAF (Wahoo and huge congrats to both of them, we are all so proud we could pop)
  • Thomas and Michael threw up in the car, after Jerry threw up on the carpet earlier in the day, and after Jerry had an exploded diaper in his bed, including on Teddy Bear
  • Jerry took nose dives across the pavement and ended up with a nasty elbow, twice, once for each elbow on two different occasions
  • Jerry threw the power source for my keyboard and broke Thomas's toe, and gave him a nasty toenail to boot
  • Jerry fell out of bed at the hotel and got rug burns on his head
  • Jerry fell out of bed at home and got a big bruise and bump on his head
  • Tyler is doing very well at his job and has several clients who request him by name for service calls, even if the job is 3 hours away
  • Rachel is keeping everything going while putting together a recital for my students
There ya have it. We're all just plugging along one day at a time. Gee, when I put it that way, life sounds pretty boring. Oh well, I guess I will just have to come up with a way to spice things up in the future. Sorry to bore you with our simple, average lives.

Shameless plug: Come see my piano and voice students do a recital. June 16, 7:00 at the Meredith concert hall in the music building. Call for more info.