Monday, January 26, 2009

Funny Sayings

Jerry is known around here for the funny things he says. Here is just a taste of his little, or not so little, personality.

*Last morning, instead of yesterday.
*Pomatoes.... not tomatoes, not potatoes, but pomatoes. This is what he calls potatoes.
*"I talk to Zona" when he said he was talking to Arizona. We asked what Arizona said to him and he said he didn't know.
*Sticky Cheerios are Honey Nut Cheerios
*Tyler was sitting on the couch and said he was going to go make lunch. Jerry came running over and said "I LIKE LUNCH!"

Jerry has also become very animated. Just picture Spanky from The Little Rascals. That would be Jerry. He uses his entire body when he talks, and of course the funniest facial expressions you can imagine. He makes us wish we had a video camera. This child is far from lacking in the personality department.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It isn't that often that we get snow in our area; not uncommon, but certainly not a weekly event. Last night it started snowing and it didn't stop until this afternoon. Of course, the kids went nuts and were beside themselves with excitement. After a yummy breakfast of pancakes (thanks Tyler), the kids couldn't stand to wait any longer. We got all bundled up and went out to play. Soon after Jerry went out, he came back in screaming. He learned pretty quick that making snowballs without mittens starts to hurt.
Thomas and Jerry, just dying to go outside and play.
The view out the back door. Of course, I opened the door to take the picture and the wind started blowing inside. And, I was the brainiac who did it all while barefoot. Can we say cold toes?
Our house from the front.
Jerry having tons of fun with his Sponge Bob hat on. Thanks Aunt Amanda, it's a favorite, year round. He also decided that snow is much more fun and snowballs are much less painful to make when you have your mittens on.
Michael's first toy of choice was an umbrella. Nice rain boots. We had to put on 3 pair of socks because they were so big on him, and they were still funny on him.
Spoons make for great digging tools, just ask Michael. You can't even see his cute boots because the snow is so deep on him.
Tyler shoveled the driveway and walkway. As soon as he was done, there was more right where he had finished. He also had a bit of fun launching shovels of snow at us. I certainly got my fair share of snow on the head, and back, and neck, and pants, and anywhere else on my body. He didn't quite follow the rules of a snowball fight. Or did he? All's fair in war?
Michael and I came in first when he decided he didn't want to keep his mittens on. He wasn't such a fan of the mittenless snow either. Thanks Lolly for the super soft and warm mittens and scarf and hat from New Zeland. Too bad our kids have massive heads and the cute Rudolph hat with antlers have yet to fit one of their noggins.
Michael was a bit unhappy about coming inside. He threw himself face down on the floor and pitched a royal fit. We are so proud our baby has learned to throw a top notch fit.
Thomas stayed out the longest and came in the wet-est and red-est. He was so wet he needed help getting out of his clothes. Yes, he looks drunk or stoned. Let's just chalk it up to tired after lots of fun. Why do they always blink and make a funny face when you tell them to smile?
After lots of fun, it was time to take off all the wet clothes and curl up in warm blankets. Of course we had hot chocolate and snow cream to top off the day.

In the end we got around 5-6 inches, the most since 2002. Who knows what else is in store with the wacky NC weather we have.

Yes, I am also quite aware that pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas have yet to make it on the blog. Don't worry, they will show up soon enough.