Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Video

These are some of our favorite characters singing that fabulous song that gets stuck in your head. At least for all you Discovery Channel fanatics. Can you spot the former opera singer? The answer might surprise you. Too bad it's missing all the pretty pictures they show when it plays on Discovery. Check out the Discovery Channel website for the "official" video with the pics and more characters, but minus the kids.

Sing with me now... "Boom de ah dah Boom de ah dah..."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Parents Think

My mom sent this article to me this morning. It made me think and look back on some of my choices. It also made me think about me as a parent. News and Observer says you can't publish the article, but I can give you the link. So, with that in mind, for your reading pleasure, what parents think of their kids. Enjoy, and add any of your thoughts about what parents think of their kids.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Thomas is officially in school now. Last week he went for one day, so that didn't really count in my book. This morning, I dropped him off in the carpool line, then went to run errands with only 2 kids. The morning routine still needs work, but we will figure it out soon enough. My next big task, school related, is to get the other two on a schedule. Thomas is so excited to be at school and loves his teachers already. He thinks it is so cool to wear a uniform. He loves his red backpack and tells everyone about it. Also, his lunchbox is pretty cool too. Target Dollar Bins, baby, lunchbox, ice packs, sandwich box all from the fabulous dollar bins that are stocked with Lightning McQueen gear. Of course, Jerry has the same stuff too, he has to be just like Thomas, like any good little brother does. I can't believe Thomas is old enough to be in school, but we are all so excited for him to be able to go. His school is fantastic, and I don't mind that I have to take him every day (charter schools don't provide transportation). We are looking forward to all he will learn, and all that he will teach us. 3 more years for Jerry, time to start counting.