Monday, April 30, 2007

Adventures in MommyLand

Can I just tell you how nice it is to wake up to the sound of two cute little boys laughing away in the other room. Friday morning the boys were doing just that. I lay in bed enjoying the wonderful sound of my happy boys. Then I started hearing "Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry," followed by laughter. This happened several times. Finally I dragged myself out to go investigate the cause of the "sorry"s and laughter. Upon entering the room, I found both boys in Jerry's crib, not an unusual sight around here. But the exciting part, explaining the "sorry"s, was the black marker all over Jerry. Yes, my dear, sweet Thomas had climbed his way into the crib with a black marker. Upon arrival in the crib, he decided that Jerry makes a wonderful art canvas, head, hair, arms, legs and all. What can you do but laugh, and take a picture? Later Thomas told me he had also written on the crib. Sure enough, in nice little black letters was his version of his name across the end of the crib. All was easily cleaned, and many laughs were enjoyed by all, and Thomas got a little talk about we color paper, not Jerry or the crib. Oh yes, and all markers went in the garbage, buy the hand of Thomas, no less.

As I shared the story with mom, she pointed out that such adventures are just a part of Thomas's genes. Bradford had a fascination with black (just ask mom about that one, but all I have to say is I'll take the markered baby over B any day), and I had a thing with writing my name on everything in sight.

Moral: When you hear laughing and "sorry, sorry, sorry" close together, just enjoy the laughter and be grateful it isn't silence. After all, isn't the worst trouble when you don't hear them at all?

Friday, April 06, 2007


I am totally shocked. I got an email from the Mudcats the other day. OK, so not so shocked, they said I made it. They will contact me with my dates, and I will be sure to pass them on.

Meanwhile, I sit here listening to my wheezing baby laughing like there is no tomorrow as he carries books around the room. Who would have thought that carrying and dropping books could be so funny. Now he is looking at a book "Babies" that he picked out at the library yesterday. Are we bad for not telling either of the kids (like Jerry cares) that we are having another?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Creature of Habit?

Yes folks, I did it again. Saturday I auditioned to sing the National Anthem for the local small ball team, the Carolina Mudcats.

Tyler was working 2 hours away, so the boys got to go with me, fun for all. As we got close enough to see the baseball water tower Thomas said "It's the baseball place!" A good friend of mine was one of the judges, so I tracked her down and gave her a hard time for not letting the pregnant lady with 2 small kids go first. Oh well, it was worth a shot. The boys ran around and impressed everyone with their royal cuteness and had a grand time. Thomas kept asking where the "baseball men" were. After almost an hour and a half of auditions and screeches it was my turn. Thomas stood on the field with one of the coordinators, and I held Jerry. Jerry decided that he wanted to audition too and helped me in several places with his sweet baby harmony. When I was done, we turned around and Jerry blew kisses to the judges (my friend and two other mommy-type ladies), and Thomas waved. Really, who wouldn't melt at a cute little bugger blowing kisses at you, MMMMMMMMMMMMMWA?

I should know this week if I made the cuts (um, I don't see it being a problem, and I don't say that as a snob). Once we have game dates, you can bet we will post and invite everybody to come listen and have fun. Just ask the people who came last year, it's a blast. Besides, you can point and laugh at the big fat pregnant lady singing in the ridiculous NC heat and humidity. You may now all start saying prayers that they ask me to sing at the very beginning and the very end of the season, to avoid the worst of the heat.