Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Protest!

Have I ever mentioned that Jerry has a temper? If not, now you know, Jerry has a temper. Not only that, but he is stubborn beyond belief. Tyler and I have started questioning if he is more stubborn than either of us, if that were possible.

Last night, I put him in bed. He put his little head on his pillow, snuggled his snuggle blanket and Teddy Bear, and he had his pacifier in his mouth. By the time I put Michael to bed, about 30 minutes later, Jerry had been throwing a fit for some time. Thomas kept telling him to be quiet and go to sleep so he could. I had had enough of this fit, so I went in to put him back down. Well, what to my wondering eyes should appear....

Jerry, standing in his empty bed. He had thrown out his pillow, blanket, snuggle blanket, Teddy Bear, and pacifier. They were all over the room. At this point, he is pegged for hockey (big and tough) or baseball (good arm). Not only had he launched his bedding around the room, he also had tossed his pants out. I reached down to help him put them back on when I realized that he had also sent his diaper to the nether regions of the room. After replacing his diaper, jammas, and bedding, he finally went down for good.

I can't WAIT for the teenage years. :/

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funny Kids

My kids are nuts. They make me laugh many times a day.

The other day, Jerry was throwing a major temper tantrum. He has mastered the art of the 2 year old tantrum, in case you were wondering. In the middle of his fit, I sarcastically asked him "are you done yet?" He looked at me with his nastiest, grumpiest face and yelled "uh-uh!" Tyler and I just looked at each other and cracked up. At least he was honest. Back to throwing a fit.

Poor Thomas is suffering from the icky nose. He is going around snarfing all day and making me cringe every time. I seem to remember teaching him to blow his nose into a tissue some time ago. Last night, the snuffies woke him up. I asked him what was wrong because he was crying. He wailed some more and told me through the tears that he has "lost his smell." I am sure he will find it soon.

Michael is a little attention mongrel. He fusses until you look at him. If you don't do anything but look at him, he pokes out his bottom lip and gets ready to cry again. Yes, he has a preparation stage to his crying. Once you pick him up, he looks at you and grins his cute, huge, toothless grin. Yup, he got what he wanted and he knows it. Cute little stinker.

I am so lucky to be able to stay home with my kids. Or, as my cousin says, be a close-to-home-mom. How many of these cute and sweet moments would I miss otherwise? I would gladly pass the fits and trauma on to someone else, but those are not as frequent as the good moments. Yup, life is crazy, but fabulous.