Thursday, July 26, 2007

Delayed Beach Post

This post is dedicated to my Aunt SJ, who so kindly reminded me that it has been almost two months since the beach and there is still no beach post. This one's for you.

The beach was fantastic, no surprise there. We had lots of family and friends there and we all had a great time. The weather was even pregnant-friendly. I spent quite a bit of time outside reading and watching the boys play with sand, hoses, and in the pool. Both boys had a blast with the sand, people, and water. We even had a visit from friends who happened to be four houses down the same week we were there.

Thomas identified everybody new as "that man" or "that girl" and described what clothes they had on the first day. Nathan was that man with the funny hair and the red shirt. My favorite part of so many people was Thomas and Jerry had plenty of new friends to play with, which meant a break for me. WOOHOO! Thomas had a great kite this year (pictures on someone else's camera). It was the cutest kite with a penguin on it and a tail of little penguins. Can you guess who picked that one out, hmmmmm? The first day he was flying it, he discovered that if he shook his hand back and forth, the string let out really quickly. He would laugh and laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. We thought it was an accident at first, which it probably was, and we all laughed at him and his excitement. Then he discovered it was funny to let the string out and it was funny to have everybody laughing at him. Thus commenced a fantastic game for Thomas. Later in the week, we were flying the kite and Lolly attached it to a chair so nobody had to be holding it. A certain little baby managed to get it off the chair and it took off before anyone could stop him or catch the kite. Who would have thought that a grocery store kite would fly so well. It went up, over to the house next door, started going over the top, then we thought it might get caught on the side, but no, it kept on going over. I made a run for it, maybe more of a waddle, to try and catch it (sorry, no pictures or video of that one). In the end, I found it tangled in a tree, across the street, and three houses down. How I managed to find it is still a mystery. I untangled the kite and we all went back to playing like nothing had happened. The things we do for our kids.

Jerry discovered the water. You would think that an ocean millions of times bigger than he is, and water that keeps moving would scare a kid of 16 months. No, not my kid. Any time we let him down on the sand, he was making a run for the water. Several times he was knocked over and fell face down, but still he didn't get scared. One night we brought him in soaked from head to toe and with sand in all sorts of odd places. Happy babies, cute babies, what more could I ask for. Maybe tired babies that sleep so I can catch a break. Nice!

One of Thomas's favorite moments I was reminded of by the best picture that was emailed to me today (thanks SJ!). As tall as I am not, my cousin Nathan is tall. He is well over 6 feet, and helped Thomas walk on the ceiling. A four year old with his feet on the ceiling, sounds like Abe Lincoln to me. He also thought it was great fun to spread his towel out on the beach next to all the big people and lay out after playing in the water. Amanda or mom got pictures of that one, but alas, my camera was still in the car across the street at that point.

So there you have it, a post from the beach. If I can ever remember to get the pictures from everybody else who took them while my camera was in the car, I will post more fun photos later. If you have any fun pictures of our growing family (notice I said growing family and not growing me), please, send them our way. Family in Arizona loves as many pictures as I can send them. For now, this will have to do.