Friday, April 18, 2008

The Insanity of Our House

I have been a bit slow in the posting lately. Not only am I not telling stories of our misadventures, but I am also getting a backlog of tags. So, quick update. Life around here is nuts, to say the least. WE have 3 boys who destroy together and love together. They also throw fits and get sick together. We tend to share everything around here, even those that are less than desirable for sharing. Jerry is having ear issues again, Michael is growing and developing a cute personality, and Thomas got accepted to the Academy we applied to and starts school July 28. Tyler is working lots doing his electrical work, and doing a fine job for himself and the company. Rachel is working lots. The latest and greatest on that front is being the accompanist for a musical. Oh yeah, and throw in teaching and a wedding and that keeps me busy. I now have an office, although not the most conventional office space. My office comes with heat, air, radio, and three carseats in the back. Life should slow down for a week, then pick back up, then slow down again until the fall. I say that now, but we all know that is not likely to stay the case.

So there you have it. The last month or so in a paragraph. That will have to do for now, a grumpy baby calls....