Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick Note

We decided to come home from the beach, but only because someone else was coming to rent the house and we had to leave. All sruvived and many pictures were taken by lots of people. Give me a little while to get pics and a real story post up, but know that it is coming. Baby waking up, sounds like I'm done here for now. We'll see you later......

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sleepy and.... Sleepy

Why is it that the some of the cutest pictures are of kids sleeping, and some of the funniest?

Poor Jerry fell over and his less than attentive parents left him there. He fell asleep like this and woke up when I took the picture. Isn't he cute?

He continues to grow ever bigger and is still teething. This is the droolingest kid I have ever seen! Give us a call some time and we will make him laugh for you. Little funny. Thomas was playing with Jerry and everytime Thomas would poke Jerry's fat cheeks, Jerry would laugh. Well, a few days later I heard something funny coming from the back seat. Thomas was reaching over and poking Jerry's cheeks and saying "Laugh baby, laugh." And of course laughing along with him. Very cute kids.

Thomas had oh so much fun on July 4th! Did you have as much fun as he did?

We went and did fireworks and the NC Symphony with friends on the 3rd, and he loved them. He had lots of fun telling everybody what color the fireworks were. The next day we did our traditional church breakfast and he played and played and played with the kids on the playground. Then, our friends came over and we went to do more fireworks the evening of the 4th. The boys ran around spraying each other with the "squeeze breeze" fans. Again, Thomas loved the fireworks. His friend, on the other hand, screamed the entire time. Poor kid crashed on the way home, and this was how we found him when we got home. I don't think he even woke up when we took him inside.

VERY exciting news. Thomas is 95% potty trained!!!! CHEER CHEER CHEER!!! He is now wearing big boy underwear most of the time and does a pretty darn good job going potty. I swannie, he just magically woke up one day and was going potty all the time. I guess the months of trying finally paid off. One determined kid, unless he is ready, it won't happen.

We are just us, being busy parents. Nothing new there. We will be off to the beach in a couple days, without Tyler, so there will be fun pics to share when we return. No promises on when I will get them posted, though. We will also be heading to Atlanta for my cousin's wedding reception in August. Aren't we just the traveling bunch lately.

Hope life is treating you well too. Hugs and loves to everybody!!