Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Life Lately

Life lately has been one thing after another. In addition to the usual antics around here, we have had the plagues. Rather than tell the whole annoying, boring story, I decided to cut and paste my facebook status and some of the comments the posting generated. Hopefully you all stay away from whatever was around here lately!

March 19: has two sick kids and a Jerry. What a fun day around here.
Rachel Coombs HolmesThe both have the cough, Michael has wheezing and the nose and no sleep (me no sleep either, thanks baby), and Thomas has a stomach bug type thing and a fever and just wants to sleep all day. Too bad I have to pack them all up and drag them to the doctor for Michael. (response to earlier comment)

March 20:entered the puking phase with Thomas this morning. At least Michael slept most of the night and just has a nasty viral cold.
Rachel Shill Beck The best part of your status...the two words "this morning." My kids always begin their puking about 11:45pm and continue all night long. Hang in there, it'll be over soon!
Rachel Coombs Holmes It seems to have been a one time thing. He has just been tired and fever mostly. He was up for 3 hours, then went back to sleep going on 2 1/2 hours now. Better them than me. I can take care of them, nobody around to take care of me.

March 22: just cleaned dirt and lots of pollen off Michael's fingers and face and mouth and TEETH. He had fun playing on the window sill.

March 22: banishes all bugs and viruses from the premises. You are trespassing... LEAVE NOW!!!
Dare Wyrick Peed don't forget to hang garlic over the doorway! ;) Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

March 23: went to the doctor today. Check my page for the verdict.
Rachel Coombs Holmes Nevermind, new facebook won't let me post on my own wall. After our 1 1/2 hour visit to the doctor we have 3 children and 6 ears attached to said children. Also, there is one ear missing a tube.
Problem: 4 infected ears (two of which are draining), 3 viral infections with fevers and occasional vomiting attached as well as various sore body parts... Read More, 1 sinus infection. There should be a "2" something. Nevermind, we'll just skip the "2" in this count.
Solution: 2 kids on Omnicef, 1 kid on Amoxicillin, two kids on ear drops The missing tube kid gets antibiotic and drops, one Rx for each ear. 10 days and we should be back to normal. I think I have forgotten what normal is like around here. I can't wait to see how they all react to the antibiotics, lucky me!
Kristen Jarrell Barnett Sheesh. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Go eat a piece a chocolate. :)
Rachel Coombs Holmes I ate 3 twinkies and I'm drinking a Dr Pepper! Shhhhh, don't tell anyone.
Alida Lee Mmm twinkies!

March 24: had crappy not sleep last night and is already having one of those days. Great!

March 24: cannot do this anymore. Kids for sale. I'll pay you.
Malinda Coombs I think I still have my kids 4 sale sign.....need it?
Allyn Sandridge having a bad day?

March 24: was sick and left rehearsal early, only to be greeted by children sleeping on the floor after one puked on the freshly cleaned bed.

March 25: wonders why Jerry pooped in Michael's bed first thing this morning. Is it only Wednesday?

March 25: still has a disaster on the wall, even after 30 min scrubbing and 1.5 Magic Erasers. If I color the wall with white crayon will it cover the mess?
Alida Lee Just put a frame around it and call it "art".
Lindsey Dean Brogli perfect place to hang a huge photo of the family...
Rachel Coombs Holmes at 2:11pm March 25
I could put a life size picture and it would cover it, but they would break anything I put there. Jerry is a destruction crew all in one little body. To make it better, I scrubbed through the drywall in a couple places. And, it's their new room. I'm crossing my fingers Tyler doesn't notice, yeah right!

March 26: can't believe we now get to add pink eye to the list.

March 27:wishes her big boy Thomas a Happy 6th Birthday! Now stop growing up.

March 28: needs to decorate a cake for tomorrow's birthday dinner. And laundry, and mop, and bathtubs, and get kids ready for church tomorrow, and plan music....

March 30: might be rid of the 7 plagues around here. After another round of pink eye the end might be in sight. Don't say it too loud, though, sometimes the man in charge has a twisted sense of humor.

3 more days of antibiotics, then their little systems should be back to normal again soon. Thank goodness for pull-ups! Almost there!!! (response to previous comments.)

OK, so I can laugh a little bit now. Thanks for the comments and encouragement. We all survived this far. Hopefully we can stay healthy and keep improving.