Monday, May 22, 2006

Watch the Boys Grow!!! A Photo Journey

The boys wearing their jammas Lolly brought back from New Zeland. Arent' they too cute in their matching "I'm Monster Mad" jammas. Maybe it should say "I'm driving mom Monster Mad."
(March 23, 2006)
Work Boots, just like Daddy

Peek-A-Boo Baby
(April 2, 2006)

The boys with Gingams at her Mother's Day Brunch. 3 hours there and back, 5 people in my Honda Accord, it was quite a day for all of us.

Too cute. We were getting ready for breakfast on Mother's day.

Finally, an Update

OK, sorry Becky, I have been bad. I was waiting on my cousin for pics from the game when I sang, but it seems most of my family is slow to update their blogs as well.

Lots of changes around our place. In the last week Tyler changed positions at Watson, applied for a job at another company, interviewed with another company, got an offer on the spot, took vacation from Watson, accepted the new job, started the new job, and should have his own van by the end of the day. Busy busy week for Tyler. We are really happy with this new company, Starr Electric, and felt that it was the thing to do. They are very family centric and have been family owned since 1928. Let's hope this one works out. Oh yeah, and the $25 million project they are working on means as much overtime as we want. They told us that job is going 24/7.

As for the boys, well, read and scroll down and see what they are up to. Thomas has turned into a self-destructive boy. The kid has more bruises and scrapes than Child Protective Services would probably like to see. The other day he fell out the back door onto the concrete and scraped himself up really bad. A week later and he says his hand still hurts. We measured him last night and he is about 39 inches tall and about 36 pounds. One of these days I am going to take a picture I have of Tyler as a kid and put it next to a picture of Thomas, they look so much alike it is funny. He loves to help take care of baby Jerry and is great at finding and giving pacifiers and giving bottles. He is also a master diaper thrower awayer (is that a real job?). Saturday Thomas went to his first big movie with Lolly and Aunt Amanda. They went to see Curious George at the dollar movie and all highly recommend it. He had a blast and even got treats. Potty training is progressing, but we still have a ways to go. Trust me, when we are done, you will hear the cheer wherever you are.

Jerry is yet another huge baby. Most people see him and think he is about 6-7 months old. He weighs about 17 pounds now. He can roll over and is starting to try and roll to the left. He loves to smile his big toothless grin and he talks, a lot, in that cute baby voice. Not only does he make cute baby noises, he also laughs and makes anybody melt when he does. I think we'll keep him.

Me, I'm just mom. I try to keep up with everyone and everything while keeping my sanity. The most exciting thing in my world is tha I am pretty much back to pre-Jerry weight and can wear most of my clothes again.

Have a good one! Love and hugs to all! Enjoy the pics (I had issues and had to create separate posts), and I will try to be better about updating. My problem is thatby the time the kids are in bed and the house is put back together, all I want to do is go to bed. I will do better, I hope.