Monday, June 25, 2007

Go Go Gadget Baby

Yes, I know, this is not the beach, but it also didn't involve loading pictures.

For those of you who have not had the experience of having Jerry reach something you thought there was NO WAY on earth he could possibly reach, this story is for you.

I am sitting my little, ok, not so little right now, self at the table eating some leftovers. I hear a noise behind me. Next thing I know, Jerry goes running past me with the bread knife in his hand, happily waving it around for all to see. My legs may be twice the length of his right now, but that kid can move when he wants to. Off I go, chasing a little not yet 17 month old through the kitchen, into the living room where he hits one couch with the knife on his way around, and across to the other side of the room where I am finally able to corner him. Then, what does he do? He turns on me with the knife! Little stinker. I got the knife from him and promptly put it in the sink. Last I checked he could only reach up, not up, over, and down again. You may now commence falling on the floor laughing at the situation and the mental picture of what just happened. Oh well, short moment of excitement, but absoultely not one I had in mind for tonight, much less ever.

No, I did not leave the knife where he could reach it, just in case you thought I might have a moment of pregnancy brain so bad that I would do that. Somehow, he reached his cute little arm up to the middle of the counter where I had earlier been cutting a loaf of bread I made yesterday. This is not the first time he has reached something unreachable. For more stories on Gadget Boy, feel free to ask. And remember, NOTHING is safe from him, even the top of the fridge!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am a hypocrite, and more

I feel the need to apologize to Evelyn. I keep giving her a hard time about not posting, and it has been quite some time since I did any posting of my own. Perhaps it is because her life sounds so much funnier than mine does. C'mon, I'm not the one who falls and steps on my ankle while attempting to put up drapes when I have a brand spankin new baby and a less than 2 year old who depend on me for everything. I also don't have a little girl who insists on wearing a swimsuit over her pants and shirt with a ball cap turned backwards. See, her life is far more exciting than mine, or would traumatic be the word. Really, if you haven't recently, go click on her link and be prepared to laugh at her daily predicaments. Evelyn, sorry for harping on you about not posting for 2 weeks. Sorry to the rest of you for my being so bad about posting on our blog. LOVE YOU E!!

Anywho... Last week I sang at the Mudcats game. Can I just tell you how much fun it is to do those games!!! The high temps for the day kept dropping as the week went on. By the time I sang, it was around 70, a cool 70 at that, and breezy. I got the best day of the season for a pregnant girl to sing! Thanks to all the family who came out to party with us and made it so much more fun. Thanks to Aunt Jewel, or Grammer as Thomas now calls her along with her grandbabies, for providing plenty of sugar and junk to all the kids. Cotton Candy could make you any kid's best bud, and wipes a parent's best friend for that matter. Also, thanks to Lolly for the yummy dots that Thomas is now in love with (Jerry likes ice cream no matter what shape or form, no, Jerry just likes food). I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be able to sing the National Anthem at any event. The song is so important to so many people, and it has so much meaning and significance for our country. Any time I sing it, I hope that I can do justice to the song and honor the personal meaning it has to each individual as well as our wonderful country as a whole. Again, thanks to everybody for coming to support me and have fun with us at the game. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people who love me and support me in all my crazy and public adventures.

Coming in the next post.... a flashback to the beach. Yes, I am slow to post (we have been home 2 weeks already). I just can't seem to make myself sit down and upload the pictures to make the post exciting. Not to mention my camera was left in the car, forgotten, for the first few days, so I need to bum pictures off my family.

Congrats to my cousin Nathan who just went into the MTC yesterday. We will all miss him, but are proud of what he is doing, and look forward to seeing how he grows during his 2 years on a mission in Paris, France.

Quick update on the Holmes troops, I'm fine and growing bigger. Baby is big normal, as usual, and will be delivered the first week of October, or earlier if I have any say about it. Tyler is still doing electrical and the job is going well. Service work is what he loves and what he is good at. Call (us) Waco Electrical in Garner for all your electrical needs, and ask for Tyler to come do the work (shameless plug to make him look even better at work). He will have paid vacation by the time this baby arrives, YIPEE, unlike with Jerry. Thomas is a nut and wants to go to school so bad he can hardly stand it. Everybody cross your fingers that he gets assigned to the first year-round track next year so he can start mid July and not the last track in late September. He is forever telling me "that's my school" and "I need to go do my homework." Jerry is a cute little bugger. He is into everything and everywhere, nothing is safe from him, really, nothing. First he learned to push the chairs around, then, a couple days ago the stinker figured out he can climb onto the kitchen chairs and then onto the table. The little rascal knows when he is about to get in trouble, so he smiles and laughs and sometimes runs away. What can I say, I have good kids who keep me busy and laughing, and frazzled too. What more could a girl want, except temperatures in the low 70s for the rest of the summer.

Have a good one, and we will see you soon............