Thursday, February 03, 2011

My Own Barbershop Quartet

Barbershop meets Show Choir. My not-so-inner music nerd is jumping for joy at this video. See, music is cool and fun! May your jaw fall open on awe, and stay that way, as mine did.

Life with 3 boys leads to many interesting situations, comments, and questions. Often I get asked if I am planning to have my own basketball team. No, I reply. Now I have a new response. "No, I am not planning to have my own basketball team. I plan to have my own Barbershop Quartet." When they ask why on earth I would do something like that, I can just point them to my music degree and then show them this video. "Ah, I now understand,"will be the response. Now, how to convince my fabulous husband (who can sing quite well, and in tune) to be the bass?


S and B H. said...

What would be awesome! Make it happen :) I always hope my children can sing in tune like Bryant can! Maybe if they lived close to you they wouldn't have a could give them voice lessons :) Miss you all. loves.

Aleesha said...

I love this video! Brings back SOOOO many barbershop memories :) Convince Tyler to sing in public and I want to be there to hear it, I might just fall over LOL :) I think you might just have to stick with the plan of getting one more Holmes around the house to fill in that role!