Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Nasal First

We had our first object other than a finger shoved up a nose today. Is it terrible that my first thought was "Crap! I don't want to drive to the pediatrician again today, and we have 2 more other appointments that I can't reschedule."

No, it wasn't Jerry. I am SHOCKED!

Michael was on the stairs fussing, so I went to rescue him from his brothers. He also needed a diaper change. I quickly discovered. Boy did that child stink! As I picked him up and started to put him on the floor I noticed something green in his nose. Not booger green, this was metallic, shiny, green. That silly little boy had stuck a bead up his nose. Thanks for the Dress Up necklaces, Annnnnntamanda.

Smart Mommy that I am tried to get him to blow out like blowing his nose. He blew out his mouth. I tried to show him. Not exactly working. Mommy moment... close the nostril without a bead and blow. Yes, I am brilliant. You may now bow down to my incredible brain powers. One quick blow and a bead flew out at me. I have never been so happy to see something come out of my a child's nose.

Bead, in the trash. Michael, running around with his big brothers.

Moral of the story... only objects the size of your finger should be placed in your nose. They are much easier to get out.

Fun idea... if you do stick an object smaller than your finger in your nose and it gets stuck, try closing the other nostril and aiming for your brothers. Their reaction could be pretty funny. If anything, you could have a contest to see who can shoot the farthest.

Mom of the Year Award, here I come.

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Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

That happened to my brother once. Except it was a dry pinto bean. He was pretending to be Sharp Tooth sniffing around for the little dinosaurs. My dad had him do the very same thing, plug and blow!