Sunday, May 23, 2010

Calling All Baseball Fans

We were flipping channels this evening and came across a baseball game. Mets vs Yankees, in case that matters to you. Michael got a bit excited. So that might be an understatement. He went on and on like this for quite some time. He told us "out" at one point too. We both just sat and laughed at him. He is still holding the baseball and glove. He may have to go to bed with them. I think another family outing to small ball Carolina Mudcats is in order. What will he do if he gets to meet the players or walk onto the field again? And yes, this happens any time he sees baseball on TV and he carries the glove just about anywhere we go. He even puts socks on his hands for gloves and wears his bike helmet for a batting helmet. You could say he is a fan.

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